CEF Journal

Culture, Education, and Future (CEF) is an open-access and peer-reviewed international journal that publishes research aiming to improve education nature and knowledge production by focusing on how culture shapes education in light of current developments. The journal is valuable for teachers, counselors, supervisors, education administrators, educational policymakers, curriculum theorists and developers, and interdisciplinary education researchers.

The CEF journal welcomes research that uses any research method, including reviews, mixed methods studies, quantitative and qualitative research, and innovative research methods.

The journal’s scope includes educational studies that can directly or indirectly impact education stakeholders, decision-makers, and practitioners. At CEF, researchers from all types of educational institutions, including K–12 schools, colleges, and universities, adult education centers, non-governmental education groups, as well as those working on social, family, and community projects, are encouraged to submit their articles that address current and critical issues in the field. Studies in all fields of education and culture, including psychology, anthropology, linguistics, sociology, and communication, are the journal’s focus. 

C&P Journal

Currere and Praxis (C&P) focuses on curriculum studies, a multidisciplinary field that explores educational curricula within and beyond national borders. It welcomes contributions from scholars, educators, and professionals interested in advancing curriculum studies as an academic and professional discipline. The journal embraces a global perspective on curriculum work and encourages discussions that transcend national boundaries. 

C&P recognizes the influence of economic globalization on curriculum development and decision-making and aims to explore these impacts. It invites articles that address critical topics such as human rights, social justice, democratisation, national and ethnic identities, religious identities, gender and racial justice, indigenous peoples’ concerns, poverty, and social exclusion. The journal seeks to understand the interconnections between local, national, regional, and global dimensions of curriculum work.

In sum, C&P is dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary discussions and research on curriculum studies with a global perspective, emphasizing the evolving nature of curriculum work in the face of globalization and its impact on various aspects of society and education.