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Honorary Fellows Award

The Honorary Fellows Award was established by AAIDES in 2024 to honor senior members of the society who, through a period of life-long service and contribution to the field of interdisciplinary education as evidenced by scholarship, teaching, research and technical service, have advanced the field qualitatively and significantly. The award was established to recognize those scholars who have made the most marked contributions to growth in the field.

The criteria for selection of AAIDES Honorary Fellows are as follows:

  • An outstanding record in two of the following areas in interdisciplinary education, and an adequate involvement in the third area:
    • Scholarly research and publication
    • Teaching and mentoring
    • Policy, planning, evaluation, technical assistance and administrative activities
  • A significant contribution to the development and quality of the AAIDES
  • A long and distinguished career spanning more than 30 years; normally the candidate will be 60 years or older
  • Active membership in AAIDES, including the years immediately prior to nomination

The AAIDES Awards Committee invites nominations for the Honorary Fellows Award to be considered in the current year, confirmed by the Board of Directors in the following year, and awarded at the Annual Meeting of AAIDES  in the year after confirmation. Nomination of candidates must be supported by the following items:

  • A letter of nomination by the chief nominator outlining the case for the nomination, with input if desired by the other nominators, and signed by the chief nominator.
  • Additional letters from non-AAIDES members may be added at the discretion of the nominator.
  • A copy of the candidate’s full academic curriculum vitae for their entire career.

The nominator is also requested to preserve a hard copy of the entire package with original signed letters to be sent to the AAIDES Archives after the nomination and decision process is completed.


Mailing address:

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